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Conflict Management Training - Managing Disruptive Passenger Behaviour Training (1 day)

Between April 2008 and March 2009 the number of disruptive behaviour aboard UK aircraft rose to 3,485 from 2,702 the previous year.  According to figures, released by the Department for Transport (DfT), 37 per cent of the incidents involved alcohol.  In 2008/09, there were 796 reports of passengers arguing with crew, 983 of passengers disobeying crew and 106 of violence directed towards Cabin Crew.

Conflict Management training raises participants' understanding of the background to conflict and disruptive behaviour, and the contribution they can make as it arises in order to move into a positive upward spiral rather than a destructive downward spiral.  During the training day using tailored case studies and role-plays participants learn and practice key skills to build their confidence to maintain composure whilst de-escalating passenger conflict.  

Unfortunately, the first association with conflict for many people is the draining cycle of destructive conflict. Therefore it is vitally important that cabin crew receive appropriate training on the skills that manage disruptive incidents, with the aim of minimising the impact and maintaining passenger and personal safety.

In brief this 1 day training programme includes:

- Understanding of the State and International law on disruptive passengers.

- Recognition and categorisation of a potentially disruptive situations.

- Understanding and recognition of behavioural markers that indicate escalation.

- Selection and application of intervention techniques enabling de-escalation.

- Maintaining personal and passenger safety.

- How to be proficient in techniques to control a disruptive passenger.

- Understanding of the procedures of handing over a disruptive passenger to the appropriate authorities.

All delegates receive a detailed certificate confirming attendance of this course.

Our instructors are experts in the field of intervention/de-escalation skills and specialise specifically in these areas.

Conflict Management -

Managing Disruptive Passenger Behaviour