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Cabin Secure Training offers a wide range of Crew Resource Management courses, suitable for Flight Crew, Cabin Crew or joint training.  CRM Training designed by Cabin Secure Training is in accordance with EU-OPS 1 Subparts O & N standards and recommended practices & the Operator’s Training Manual (Part D).

Initial CRM - Flight Crew

Initial CRM is designed to provide knowledge of, and familiarity with, human factors relevant to flight operations. A comprehensive list of core elements will be covered in depth and is conducted by means of both classroom and practical exercises which include group discussions.  The nature of the operations of the company concerned will be fully addressed.  The course duration is 1 day for single pilot operations and 2 days for all other operations. Our Instructors are current commercial air transport Flight Crew and hold CRMI accreditations.

Initial CRM - Cabin Crew

Initial CRM is a 1 day module concentrating on the aspects required for Introductory, Operator’s and Aircraft Type Specific, taking into account the individual nature of the client’s organisation. CST provides customised courses relevant to the operator’s individual needs and requirements.  Initial courses are creative and participative, using a range of techniques to make course members aware of the importance of CRM. Initial CRM training is delivered by our experienced Cabin Crew CRM Instructors/Flight Crew CRMIs.     

Annual Recurrent - Flight Crew & Cabin Crew

Combined training for Flight Crew and Cabin Crew.  Our CRM programmes include extensive case studies which are regularly revised to ensure they are current, operator relevant, and reflect the latest developments and best practice.  Delivered annually, recurrent training will refresh all aspects of the CRM syllabus over a training cycle required by your Regulator.

Crew Resource Management Training