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Instructor Dangerous Goods Awareness training is a highly practical and interactive 2 day course and consists of a series of workshops, practical exercises and discussions.  The purpose of the course is to give the Instructor a deeper awareness of the requirements for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air and the situations that your Cabin Crew & Flight Crew may encounter.

The requirements detailed in EU-OPS (formally known as JAR-OPS) 1 Subpart R - Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air are covered.  

Course Content:

Course learning outcomes:

Instructors will receive an illustrated pre-study booklet, which forms the basis of pre-course study.

By means of establishing that the required minimum level of knowledge has been acquired there is a multiple choice question assessment on the final day covering all areas of the training programme.  Directed study sessions/reviews are provided each morning to prepare the Instructor for this.

All delegates receive a detailed certificate confirming attendance of this course.

Dangerous Goods Awareness